Fraser First Aid

BLS Level CPR dates coming soon!!!!!!

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Emergency First Aid (EFA) is a one day class where participants learn the skills for CPR as well as how to treat the more common injuries someone could have.

Standard First Aid (SFA)is a two day class where participants learn all of the Emergency First Aid content as well as how to manage Breaks and sprains, hot and cold related emergencies, poisonings, etc.

Blended Learning SFA, is Standard First Aid in a new delivery method.  The participants would do the bulk of the theory of SFA online at their own pace and come into a scheduled Blended Skills Day to do the practical for CPR and F/A.

Pricing guide.

Emergency FA/CPR-A $80 
Emergency FA/CPR-C $90
Emergency FA/CPR-HCP $100 

Standard First Aid/CPR A $120         Recertification $80
Standard First Aid/CPR C $130         Recertification $90
Standard First Aid/CPR HCP $140     Recertification $100

Blended Learning SFA

SFA/CPR-C Blended         $100
SFA/CPR-HCP Blended     $110

CPR only,

CPR/AED Level A $70 
CPR/AED Level C $80 
CPR/AED Level HCP $90